High Gravity Resources, LLC Zoom Webinar and Q&A Session Tuesday, March 16th 2:00 PM Eastern 11:00 AM Pacific

Tuesday, March 16th
2:00 PM Eastern 11:00 AM Pacific
Doug Shea – Owner
Josh Walters – Co-Owner
High Gravity Resources, LLC
With Special Guest
Geologist, Harvey H. Howell III of H.H. Howell Inc.

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High Gravity Resources, LLC, (“HGR”) is sponsoring a Reg. D 506 (c) oil and gas program for High Net Worth Accredited Investors. HGR has been involved in the oil and gas drilling industry for many years and has helped develop successful wells throughout South Texas.  HGR has an established network of Industry colleagues including: geologists, operators, drillers and a third-party accounting firm.  For our current project, The Buck Creek 3D Development LP, HGR is collaborating with 3rd generation geologist, Harvey Howell, owner of H.H. Howell Inc., to develop an oil and gas play in Lavaca County, Texas.  Lavaca County has yielded over 60,000,000 barrels of Oil and over 1.5 TCF of Natural Gas since 1993.  Multiple pay sands will be targeted, including the primary target, the Burns Channel Sand.  The Burns Channel, originally discovered by Howell, has produced 18.1 BCF and 935,000 BO from 4 wells in the immediate area since Dec. 2004.  HGR and H. H. Howell, Inc. are collaborators on the two most recent of these wells.


 Howell has acquired significant 3D Seismic Data sets in the area to high-grade the previously complex stratigraphy of the Lower Wilcox multiple pay sands, including the Burns Channel Sands. The Howell geological, geophysical, and engineering Team believes that:
 the combination of state-of-the-art seismic technology (3D),applied to detailed geologic knowledge of the subsurface trapping parameters, andthe capitalizing on historical engineering experience of field development decreases the risk of developing commercially successful hydrocarbons.

Please join us and learn more about the potential of this exciting Southeast, Texas oil and gas play.  
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With increasing oil and gas prices, which have risen over 62% since Nov. 3rd, 2020 and are now over $60 per barrel of oil and $3 natural gas, this team enables the potential for high returns to the owners of the working interests, Accredited Investors who are able to bear the high risk of oil and gas exploration. HGR is offering working interests for HNW accredited investors, enabling a potentially long-term payout on successful completion of the drilling, and assuming the oil and gas well are commercial, allowing the potential monthly distributions, with much upside or ROI, along with substantial tax benefits from immediate tax write-offs and additional annual deductions from depletion allowances. 

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