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Webinar – Thursday, Nov 5th, Featuring CEO of Sanjara Wellness Centers

Alan Stone of WallStreet Research
Invites You to a Webinar Featuring Founder
and CEO of 
Sanjara Wellness Centers
Todd Dean

Sanjara Wellness is redefining how we as a society and as individuals deal with our issues! The problem of individuals dealing with stress, trauma, anxiety, addictions, depression, suicide, and mental health issues statistically already had high numbers before COVID. Currently, they have escalated off the charts with COVID negatively impacting our families and all of society. This being said, people are looking for solutions that work! Individuals are not getting results using traditional methods including counseling, psychiatry, mainstream medicine, educational seminars, rehabilitation, and recovery. Sanjara Wellness brings the “Yin and Yang” of Western Methodologies and Eastern practices combined to facilitate healing of the mind, body, and spirit.
Now there is hope. Sanjara Wellness is the answer.
 Sanjara Wellness Centers are tuned into the calming energy of the hills, sunlight and tranquility that its pristine locations offer. Its clients are immersed in a whole-body experience of food, physicality, and thought. The Company is locating a new facility outside the Nashville area with the absolute perfect real estate and plans to launch the initial opening in the second quarter of 2021, subject to securing appropriate debt and equity financing.
Thursday, November 5th, 2020 
11:00 AM (PST) 2:00 (EST)
The project financing is led by Todd Dean, CEO of Sanjara Wellness Centers and Managing Partner of Todd Dean & Co., a serial entrepreneur, college professor and sought-after speaker. Mr. Dean brings a wealth of real-life lessons to the project. Mr. Dean has significant experience transitioning big ideas to strategies, strategies to plans, and plans for successful execution.

Mr. Dean has a successful track record growing new businesses and repositioning existing businesses for major growth. He was the former founder and director of Keiretsu Forum Northwest, and he has a powerful and collaborative network of over 1,000 accredited investors globally, whose members have invested more than $200 million in 260 companies in technology, consumer products, healthcare, life sciences, and real estate sectors with high growth potential. Keiretsu Forum is one of the top investor networks for attracting financing for early-stage growth companies globally.
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