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Webinar on March 4th featuring Seth Shaw – CEO of Tauriga Sciences, Inc.

Alan Stone of WallStreet Research Invites you to a Zoom Webinar and Q&A Session
Thursday, March 4th
2:00 PM Eastern 11:00 AM Pacific
Seth Shaw – CEO
Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB: TAUG)
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The Company, listed on the OTCQB: TAUG, under the leadership of CEO Seth Shaw, had developed, with its proprietary formulations, markets CBD and CBG Infused Supplement chewing gums in a number of popular flavors, called Tauri-Gum™– both for the wholesale and retail market and also online at www.Taurigum.com
It has also developed and markets several edible gummies, chocolates, and other Full Spectrum CBD products. The Company is also in the early stages of developing a pharmaceutical-grade anti-nausea Tauri-Gum™. It also holds investments in several biotech companies.  More information is available at www.Tauriga.com
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Tauriga Sciences is committed to creating innovative products, improving our environment, and building lasting shareholder value. We strive to sell only the purest, ethically, and sustainably produced CBD products. Each and every one of our products comply with rigorous standards in a laboratory environment to ensure that you receive the highest quality products available on the CBD market. We are kosher certified (Star-K), halal certified (Etimad), and incorporate vegan formulations (with the sole exception of our CBD infused Linden Honey) We are Gluten-Free.
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The shares are currently trading about $.15 and have an average daily volume of 6.2 million, with a market capitalization of $28 million.  

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