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NewLake Capital Partners, Inc. July 28th Webinar Video Replay

NewLake Capital Partners, Inc., a $100 million REIT, is an independent diversified non-leveraged real estate Company. NewLake has acquired a geographically diverse portfolio of retail and industrial properties in the rapidly growing cannabis sector, deemed to be an essential industry. These properties are purchased by the Company and leased back to high-quality experienced operators in the United States. 

The Company pays out an annual dividend of 8% with additional portfolio gains to be shared between the investors and Company 75/25. NewLake has currently opened up a new financing round available for up to $50 million in equity capital to capture the massive opportunity in the sector. Investors have the potential to achieve significant upside in addition to the dividend through an anticipated IPO, economies of scale, and cap rate compression.


Hosted by WSR moderator Sara Ishag and Managing Director Alan Stone.

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